Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cells gone wild

I have decided to start this blog because I want to hear the pros and cons the fors and against reasons why I should allow a teenage son or daughter to have a cell phone. I see so many people young and old in society with no cell phone etiquette that I just feel that their is no reason to put a teenager out there with a cell phone when society has yet to establish cell phone etiquette. I also don't know why a teenager would have to have a cell phone or why in our community the parent is thought of as a dinosaur because they don't want to foot the bill for their teenager to have a cell phone. I have debated this with many parents in our community and I seem to be in the minority. Lets debate this. Give me the pros of a teenager having a cell because I can only come up with the cons. And if you have a con let me hear it too. I also have the question as to who should teach the cell phone etiquette. I think the schools should teach it so it because a universal thought by many as to what is and is not exceptable as far when and where to use a cell phone.

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